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Hi! Welcome to my website! Thanks for checking in.

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Samantha Merrick
Samantha Merrick

* New York based imaginary-soccer-rock-star desperately wanting to meet the FC Barcelona team. And David Villa. And GiGi Buffon.

* Aries, occasional instigator – in a good way.

*Current Non-Acting Endeavors:  Exploring my new neighborhood!, researching potential vacation destinations – southern France? Ireland?

*NYC is my soul city; Barcelona is my sister city.

*Binge watching or just watching:  Nothing but World Cup 2018!!!

*Reading:  Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. Continue to promote American War by Omar El Akkad – every one should read this book.

*Ongoing Obsessions:  Any and all things related to FC Barçelona, Fluevogs, stinky cheeses, reduce-reuse-recycle, wanting to embrace technology – can I get some help with iMovie?

*Favorite Acting Experiences:  Frances McDormand – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Will Yun Lee – Falling Water

*Listening to:  Hard Bop Jazz, David Bowie, and, of course – 80’s alternative… (don’t judge)

* I am a professional and play well with others.

* I don’t take myself too seriously.


And thanks to Gabriela Linares for getting this website off the ground!


Download Samantha Merrick Resume