1 Second Everyday March 2019

March is all things green, the arrival of spring – with the exception of clips of Messi and his amazing goals – but hey, the pitch is green, right? So enjoy this mini-movie that celebrates the season, renewal, and creativity.

“The First Responder”

I had the pleasure of working with director-writer Rajan Gangahar this summer on the short film “The First Responder”.  It’s an important story to tell. PTSD affects so many people, in so many ways. Not everyone has access to the help they need. Not everyone accepts the help that is available to them. If this short story helps even one person, that will make it a wild success.

Here is an article from India Life and Times about this talented man.

Two for One!

February and March 1SE movies. Yes, I am calling them movies. They are shorts. Thirty seconds or so short, but that’s still a short.

Take 2: Making mini movies with #1SEme #NoShrinkingVioletProductions

(Yes – take 2 of this post because I was having some technical difficulties with the first go. Imagine that. Me having technical difficulties. Seems to be the story of my life in this technical day and age. But at least I can handle 1SE! So here it is…)

Super mini. But you have to start somewhere. Even if that somewhere is baby steps. Baby steps will lead to bigger steps. Bigger steps will lead to leaps. Leaps to bounds. Start the marathon. It’s a new year.

#Write #Create

On the day after the passing of Sam Shepard – why did I always think he would be here forever, ageless, the man who hated endings? – I know I have to be more committed to writing. There are so many words swirling around in my brain. Yet how? I’m no Sam Shepard. How do I string them together into some type of logical sequence? Just do it. That’s the saying. Don’t judge or self-critique (she says as she looks at the red dot “readability” analysis of what has been written so far. “The text does not contain any subheadings” and “contain a transition word” blah blah blah).

Elsewhere in the land of No Shrinking Violet – waiting to find if I’m off the wait list and into the TV Audition Bootcamp at MN Acting Studio, finding good scene material, updating stuff on the website.

Counting the days until La Liga starts – what the hell Neymar?