Live your Life on Purpose

I had to share that statement – I feel it’s that important. Those five words hit me in the face, not unlike what happened to Marc-Andre ter Stagen yesterday during the Barça v Bilbao match. Ouch. Credit where credit is due:  I’m reading “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero, only up to page 46, but that is the page I found this gem.

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Living your Life on Purpose. Not by accident. Not by chance. Or a whim. Or whatever other non-focused manner you are stumbling through this performance that is your Life. Do it on Purpose!

Thank You!

To the very kind woman at the train station who told me to never give up and keep pursuing my passion, my dream, what makes me happy. You gave me a much-needed boost when I really needed it. Thank you!IMG_3109 (1)

In case you missed it –

Well, looks like spring is finally here – although summer wants to butt in already, to which I say Not Yet, Back Off, Ok? The days of humidity and heat will be here on a daily basis soon enough….

So, yes! Back in my Tuesday class at T Schreiber, at least for now. Focusing on my scene and character work is important. Helps tamp down on some of the angst…

And of course this wouldn’t be a proper Samantha post without mentioning the boys – Barça is headed to the Champions League against Juventus!!! A fresh match up! Sorry, RM, it was just getting a bit tiresome. Força Barça!

Another Year #Bolder

Yes, today is my official birthday, although I do claim April as my birthday month. I’ve always loved my birthday – it usually rains – but that doesn’t bother me. It is a beautiful day today! So unexpected! It’s important to me to look back at the year that was, as well as to look forward to the year that will be. 2015 has not started off on the most positive note for me, but at least Barça is doing well. Cheers to Messi for his 400th goal!

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I sit here after having a wonderful dinner of tapas and vino typing this, ready to watch Orphan Black. Thanks to my family and all my friends for the happy birthdays and well wishes! I sincerely hope your year and all to come are filled with happiness, health, and joy! If I got a shout out from @RayHudson it would really make my day! Cheers and Peace to all!