DC Theatre Scene Review – An Adult Evening with Shel Silverstein

“Samantha Merrick delivered non-stop laughs, especially in her depiction of an ordinary wife slowly transforming into a belligerent homeless lady. Opposite her is Arturo Toletino, who plays her sincere worrisome husband desperately trying to make her see the truth. Together, they make an excellent comedic duo.”


Nelson Pressley of The Washington Post reviews Shel

In “One Tennis Shoe,” a man worries that his wife is becoming a bag lady. He presents his screwy evidence gently, but it mounts against her.

Arturo Tolentino and Samantha Merrick are terrific in the bag lady piece — delicate with each other, but deeply fretful about what might be happening. (Yes, that’s cooked oatmeal in her purse.)”


DCist Review of Shel

“Silverstein’s playful, lyrical words are brought to life in all the pieces following this segment. Samantha Merrick plays a woman in danger of becoming a bag lady, and Arturo Tolentino, who also designed the spare, transformable set, plays her concerned husband. The two are hilarious together, getting caught up in the drama of just what is in the woman’s bag. Colvin comes back as that rhyming prostitute, offering a two-for-one deal that’s the steal of the century with cast member Julie Harris. When Samuel Wright comes in as their mark and proves troublesome, Colvin is quick to offer to “shorten” his “longevity,” with a knife. Merrick also comes back as a wife constructing an elaborate story to find out if her husband, played this time by Dane C. Peterson, would throw her, their daughter or his mother overboard in a crisis.”


Opening in 2 Days!

I am so excited about my Fringe show!  Shel Silverstein has given us some incredibly clever material to work with and attack in a no-holding-back, let-it-all-out kind of way.  Colin Grube is a great director who has let his actors be free to explore.  Tech tomorrow at Studio Theatre’s Mead Theatre!

Getting Closer….

Tomorrow is June 1st – which means in seven days LAPSE will have it’s screening at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival.  I am simultaneously excited and terrified.  But it’s Seattle – have never been there but imagine it’s pretty laid-back……except for all that caffeine…..

A bit behind…..

Ok, so I’m kind of new to all this blog & Twitter & Tweetdeck and getting the website up to date (will need help from Gaby on that).  But at least I can type so I have no excuses for not writing something.  

Had a fun Saturday with Obscure Reference Films shooting for the DC 48Hr Film Project.  I would like to add the logo – maybe I can figure out how to do that by tomorrow for the screening at the AFI Silver Theatre.  The film is titled Letter of wReck.  I play the Devil.  Second time I have been cast as the devil….

I am not complaining.