Take 2: Making mini movies with #1SEme #NoShrinkingVioletProductions

(Yes – take 2 of this post because I was having some technical difficulties with the first go. Imagine that. Me having technical difficulties. Seems to be the story of my life in this technical day and age. But at least I can handle 1SE! So here it is…)

Super mini. But you have to start somewhere. Even if that somewhere is baby steps. Baby steps will lead to bigger steps. Bigger steps will lead to leaps. Leaps to bounds. Start the marathon. It’s a new year.

This week’s #LineUp.

Today – audition for short film in the genre of horror – always a good time! ┬áThen to the Atlantic Theater Company to see David Mamet’s The Penitent.

Wednesday – boot camp class

Thursday – Terry Schreiber Studio to see Loose Ends by Michael Weller, directed by Terry Schreiber

Friday – scene work

Saturday – casting director workshop

Oh, and watching a few world cup qualifying matches scattered in the mix.

Practice. Practice. Practice.


What do these guys do? How do you get to Carnegie Hall? What should every artist, in every field, do constantly? I think it’s more difficult for actors because we are not part of a *team*. We don’t necessarily have a squad or a manager or physios surrounding us, encouraging us, forcing us to put our best selves out there. But we can still do it – make the effort to read that new play, self-tape your monologue and watch it, go to the theatre. Connect with your fellow actors. And above all, be proud of what you do and who you are.