#Write #Create

On the day after the passing of Sam Shepard – why did I always think he would be here forever, ageless, the man who hated endings? – I know I have to be more committed to writing. There are so many words swirling around in my brain. Yet how? I’m no Sam Shepard. How do I string them together into some type of logical sequence? Just do it. That’s the saying. Don’t judge or self-critique (she says as she looks at the red dot “readability” analysis of what has been written so far. “The text does not contain any subheadings” and “contain a transition word” blah blah blah).

Elsewhere in the land of No Shrinking Violet – waiting to find if I’m off the wait list and into the TV Audition Bootcamp at MN Acting Studio, finding good scene material,¬†updating stuff on the website.

Counting the days until La Liga starts – what the hell Neymar?